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FAQ ´s

01. What is moovicart.com?

moovicart.com is an Online Marketplace (b2b eCommerce platform) for worldwide film makers & film distributors to trade movies for theatrical/cinema distribution using various trading options and an On Demand Theatrical Distribution platform for aspiring distributors

02. Where is moovicart.com located?

Moovicart.com is a trading name of Sri Sri International UK Limited which is registered at 25 Richmond Terrace, Aberdeen, United Kingdom, AB25 2RQ.

03. What services moovicart.com provides?

  • Online Marketplace
  • On Demand Theatrical Distribution
  • Movie Release
  • Advertising
  • Loyalty Platform

04. What is online marketplace?

An online marketplace (or) online e-commerce marketplace is a type of ecommerce website where products or services information is provided by multiple third parties, whereas transactions are processed by the marketplace operator. 

05. Who benefits with moovicart.com?

  • Film Makers/Producers
  • Experienced Distributors
  • Aspiring Distributors
  • Film Investors
  • Audience
  • Movie Promoters
  • Cinemas
  • Media Companies

06. What are the types of content a film maker can sell in moovicart?

Feature Films and Feature Documentaries for cinema/theatrical distribution.

07. What are the other types of content a film maker can sell via moovicart?

High quality Documentaries and Short films which are from 15 mins or over can be trade via moovicart.com. These contents will only be for non-theatrical distribution such as TV channels, VOD platforms, Airlines, Film schools, Film clubs, Hotels, Coaches, Trains, oil rigs, etc.

08. How it Works?

Please refer to “How It works” section but do register with us to get detailed information.

09. What Trading/Distribution options you have for the film makers?

We have three trading/Distribution options for feature films and feature documentaries

  • Syndicate Distribution
  • Outright - Fixed Price
  • Outright – Bidding


10. What are trading options for Documentaries and Short films?

These types of content can use Marketing or Release options to display the content to distributors/buyers and sell using moovicart’s offline methods.

11. How can I sell the content using moovicart.com?

  • Register as Producer,
  • login with user id and password,
  • select the trading option,
  • enter movie details and
  • sell the movie rights.


12. What documents you require to sell/buy the movie content in moovicart.com?

We require following documents (certificates)

  • Producer      : Company registration, Censorship, other (as required)
  • Distributor     : Company registration


13. Why you require documentation?

We deal with intellectual properties of Producers/Film Makers and we respect proprietary rights & confidentiality of the content owners. We require these to eradicate any fraudulent activity.

14. Where you operate?

For Syndicate Distribution & Release only options presently we operate in USA, UK, Europe and Canada. For Fixed Price, Bidding, Marketing, Non-theatrical options we operate worldwide.

15. What is theatrical movie distribution or release means?

Releasing or Distributing or exhibiting movies in cinemas/theatres

16. What is Non-theatrical movie distribution or release means?

Releasing or Distributing or exhibiting movies in TV channels, Blu-Ray/DVD, VOD platforms, etc.

17. What is domestic movie distribution?

Distribution of movies in the country it is originally produced or registered

18. What is overseas movie distribution?

Distribution/Releasing of movies in countries other than the home country it is originally produced or registered.


19. What are rights, theatrical rights and non-theatrical rights means?

The rights to any production like a movie or music represents the right to use that content for exhibiting it in a particular format in a particular region and for a particular period of time.

Theatrical rights refer to the rights that are received to exhibit films in cinema/theatres

Non-Theatrical rights refer to the rights that are received to exhibit films in TV channels, VOD platforms, Airlines, Film schools, Film clubs, Hotels, Coaches, Trains, oil rigs etc

20. What is Movie License means?

A license or licence is an official permission or permit to exploit or distribute movies in various modes.

21. What is ‘Terms’ means?

A Term/s indicates a particular length of time to use the movie license.

22. What is movie content leasing?

The lease is a contract whereby producer grants the right to use a particular movie for a set period of time to the distributor, which will pay for the transfer of the right to use a fixed amount regularly. 

23. What are distribution costs?

These are expenses incurred to distribute films in cinemas such as VPF, Censorship, KDM, Marketing, Prints and advertising, Duplication, Delivery, other related costs.

24. What is movie marketing means and what it involves?

Movie marketing is also known as movie advertising and movie promotion. These are in several different media platforms, including movie trailers in cinemas, newspapers, magazines, television, radio, online/internet, billboards and others.

25. What is movie censorship means?

A  motion picture rating system/censorship is designated to classify films with regard to suitability for audiences in terms of issues such as sex, violence, substance abuse, profanity, impudence or other types of mature content.

26. What is censorship certificate?

Certificate provided by censor boards for motion pictures/movies in a particular country.

27. What are MPAA, BBFC and CBFC?

Organisations which certifies Motion picture content or age rating

MPAA: The Motion Picture Association of America (USA)
BBFC: The British Board of Film Classification (UK)
CBFC: The Central Board of Film Certification (India)


28. What is a DCP?

A Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is a collection of digital files used to store and convey digital cinema (DC) audio, image, and data streams. The term has been defined by Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC in their recommendations for packaging of DC contents.

29. What is DCI initiatives means?

Digital Cinema Initiatives is a joint venture of major motion picture studios, formed to establish a standard  architecture for digital cinema  systems. The primary purpose of DCI is to establish and document specifications for an open architecture for digital cinema that ensures a uniform and high level of technical performance, reliability and quality.

30. What is VPF?

A Virtual Print Fee (VPF) is a financing mechanism for funding the purchase of digital cinema equipment. It is structured to cover the costs of converting to digital projection equipment through a fee that distributors pay for each booking over a set period of time.

31. What is KDM?

KDM is an acronym for Key Delivery Message. A KDM is a special electronic key that contains a code which "unlocks" an encrypted film. Encryption is a security measure used to prevent films from being stolen and duplicated.

32. What are Gross Box office collections/returns?

Box Office Returns or Commercial Returns means the revenues or total box office revenue received from the ticket sales for the film screenings.

33. What are Box Office Collection Reports?

Box Office Returns Report means standard report to be completed by Exhibitor/Cinema after the completion of all booked commercial screenings of a Film containing, without limitation, details of audience numbers, box office revenue and dates of screenings. We use a third party company to generate these reports.

34. What is minimum guarantee sale (movie content)?

A minimum guarantee is an initial payment that is paid to the producer by the distributor irrespective of how the film performs.

35. What is outright sale (movie content)?

Distributors pay the producer a price for the right to distribute a film for a certain amount of time. All expenses incurred for the distribution of the film as well as income earned are solely to the distributors.

36. How can I buy the content using moovicart.com?

  • Register as Distributor,
  • login with user id and password,
  • select the movie of your choice,
  • review movie details and if interested
  • buy the content/film rights.


37. How can I pay to buy movie content?

Debit/Credit cards using third party (PayPal) payment gateway.
Bank Transfer in case of large bookings and balance payments

38. What is payment gateway?

A payment gateway is an ecommerce service that  processes credit card payments  for online and traditional brick and mortar stores. Payment gateways facilitate these transactions by transferring key information between payment portals such as web-enabled mobile devices/websites and the front end processor/bank.

39. I don’t want to use moovicart, but want the content to distribute. How can I do that?

Contact us for the content at info@moovicart.com we will happy to help you.

40. I have a movie rights for a particular location, can I able to use moovicart.com?

Yes, if you have a movie rights for a particular country, register as a producer and sell your content for that particular location/country only.

41. How can I as an audience benefit with moovicart.com?

You as a registered audience get benefit for promoting the movies by rating, liking, sharing the movie details and collecting the loyalty points which are converted into gift cards or cash.

42. How can I use moovicart.com as an audience?

  • Register as Audience,
  • login with user id and password,
  • select the movie of your choice,
  • review movie details and if interested
  • start rating, like and sharing the details.
  • collect loyalty points


43. Why I can’t see all the features or activities in the site?

This is a prototype version which has less features, we are working on next version which will have additional features.

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