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Movie Name : Zindagi
Cast : Kiran, Phani, Vardhan, Himaja
Release On : 08-09-2018
Category : Feature Film
Language : Telugu
Genre : Drama
Certification : U/A
Movie Director : Daya
Music Director : Suresh Yuvan
Cinematographer : Uday Guraala
Status : Ready for release
Movie Synopsis :
The movie is about the saga of a three Hyderabad based childhood friends, Iqbal, Prabhu and Shankar .The story revolves around the typical middle class families and the bonding and attachment among the members of the family. It reflects their moments of happiness, struggles, family disputes, friendship among three. One fine night, unknowingly, the three get involved in a robbery which leads to a series of unanswered questions- How they got involved in the theft of one crore? How did they commit it? To whom those one crore belong to? Who are the other guys involved in this apart from those three friends? Is the rest of the story.

Theatres/Cinemas Booking Details :

Sl.No Country State/City Theatres/Cinemas Date Time
1 UK Aberdeen Cineplex 11-09-2018 4:15pm,6:20pm

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